This page contains some random information about the use of CASTEP. It is incomplete, but contributions are welcome. It is provided merely so that I can remember what I have done, and in case it is of any use to anyone else.

WARNING! This page is relevant to the old, academic, F77 CASTEP 2.x code dating from the mid-1990s. Although the theory is mostly the same as that for CASTEP from castep.org, the source code, and the input and output file formats, have completely changed. So this page is of solely historic interest, and you probably wish to read my page of current Castep notes instead, or to browse the c2x website.

How to's



(Warning, much of this code has a designed-by-commitee-of-scientists look about it. Please do not assume that I wish to take credit for its elegance. If you wish to rewrite it all, please do so. MJR.) The documentation of the above is in some cases (vanishingly) brief: ask if you need to know more.
Comments should be addressed to mjr19, with a domain of cam.ac.uk.