The program pdfimages from xpdf is excellent for extracting bitmap images embedded in PDF files. The program psimages presented here aims to do the same with PostScript and EPS files.

It is a bash script which relies on ghostscript. It works simply by redefining the PostScript image operator. It will not work with all PostScript files, but it seems to work with the majority. Usage is simply:

  psimages foo.eps

which will write any DCT-compressed images found as image-000.jpg, image-001.jpg, etc, and any other images as image-000.png, image-001.png, etc. The output prefix image can be changed, and one can choose to output DCT images as PNG too, which might improve compatibility with some files.

  psimages -nodct foo.eps pics

The psimages shell script (remember chmod +x psimages before attempting to run it).

(Version 0.7a, as above, will work with Ghostscript 9.50. Earlier versions do not as Ghostscript now defaults to forbidding all file writing. The fix in 0.7a is insecure, but no less secure than using earlier versions of Ghostscript...)

Also its man page as nroff and html.