Graduate Courses

This page gathers together resources for recent graduate lecture courses I have given.

MPhil / CDT in the Centre for Scientific Computing

Also an advert for Dr Blakely's CDT Linux course.

Graduate talks in TCM

Most of the one-off lectures I give never make it is far as a public web page, but a few are given below.

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(The non-public page of graduate talks is here.)

Undergraduate Courses

In 2001 I lectured a Part II (third year) undergraduate course on Fortran 90, including the use of the NAG library. It looks a little dated now, but, in case it is still of any use, it is recorded here.

The following handouts may be freely used for individual learning (or entertainment). I am unaware that anyone claims copyright on the images, or that anyone other than myself can claim copyright on the text.

An example of using LaTeX to write a report was given, for which one needs this file and this one. (You will need to persuade your WWW browser to download these files, rather than viewing them.)